Access to programming?


Is it possible to get access to the firmware as I would like to change a few issues I have noticed when watching reviews. I am keen to get one but need to be able to set the step timers to activate after the set Temp has been reached. not before.

Cheers Ben


Totally agree with your post, time setting should start once set temp has been achieved. Keen to see how you get on with this, please keep posting.


did you receive an answer? This would be really great to know!


Never heard back from anyone, seems they are all happy with it but I will be soon adding a Raspberry Pi to the system and improving it overall.

Having had the unit now for some time, I like it but it really lack in the programming.

Also there is SCA SDK pins showing on the screen PCB which means it can be programmed just need the pinout to determine which pins do what on the microcontroller.


Keep us posted, I’m interested too! I’ve considered the same thing with a beaglebone, or a simple PIC32 (my favorite) or better yet, a cool Particle board with WiFi or even 3G.