Can't clear the E3 error


Hello all from Ottawa Canada.
I am an owner of a Robobrew for the last 1 year and 1/2. My circuit board fried last week.I end up changing the circuit board and the display this week. however after the swap I got an E3 error and a bip. I did what the owner manual suggested, which is to power cycle the unit to no avail. So I changed the temperature probe thinking that will solve the issue, but not.
The pump works fine, but the 500 and 1000 light nor heat come on.
any ideas? what should I do next?
I love the unit and I hate to move to another brand.


Hi Barrhavenor,
Perhaps revisiting the wiring and checking the connections plus and just throwing this out there the sequence of the wiring. The old board and new are wired up differently.
If i had not seen a photo of the old board and the new side by side i would of have put the wires right back where they came off the old board onto the new one. Their sequence is different. Truth be told that when i pluged it in and turned it on after the wire job i half expected to smell burning wires but i guess i somehow managed to get it right.
Good luck


Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the same issue.


Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes the issue was resolved. I had to change/the circuit board. mine was fried. I ended up upgrading it. I was told because of excessive heat,and will be wise to add vents to the bottom lid.
hope this helps.