Cleaning & Care


I’m curious what people are doing after brewing is complete. How fastidious are you about cleaning, what do you use, do you air dry, towel dry, turn it upside down etc.

Cheers, and thanks for your consideration



Since it won’t fit in my sink and it can’t be submerged, I just hose it out, clean it with a cloth and dry it with a towel. The stainless is super easy to clean compared to plastic


I take it outside, hose it out with the high pressure jet and then use a micro fibre cloth to finish to as near new as I can get it. I also do the same level of cleaning on other items I used … ie stirrer. Jugs and anything used in the brew.
Same for fermentation equipment but use the sterilise spray when finished as well as when I start a new brew.


I found that using a scrub pad used for aquarium cleaning does not scratch the metal.