Converting 65L robobrew to US Canada Power


Hi guys has anybody converted the 65L RoboBrew to work on 240V Canadian and US power?

I’m working on this task, I’ll keep you posted on how I make out. I’ll be adding a 4 wire power cable and two solid state relays AC to AC to accomplish this. I’ll also be adding a switch that will allow me to switch control between RoboBrew and Craft Beer Pi. I’ll hook the raspberry pi to RoboBrew with a standard RJ45 cable.

This is going to be Fun :0)


I noticed on the Brewzilla board it had a check mark at the 240V and it says 50/60 Hz compatible. I decided to wire it the same as AU but just with US 15A 240V plug. Everything works fine. I wired it with no neutral just Line one and Line 2 from the double pole breaker to the same terminals the AU plug was on.