First Brew with Robobrew was sub fantatastic, but not a complete loss


I wanted to make a nice stout for my first batch, and given that the manual says that it can handle up to 9Kg of malt in the malt pipe, I dialled down my recipe to only 9 Kg.

9 Kg of malt will fit into the malt pipe but you will not be at the proper 3L water / Kg mark, which requires 27 L of water. There is also a fair bit of dead space where the grains can’t go, so the volume of strike water is that dead space + mash volume. I optimistically filled the vessel to 27 L mark and mid way through adding grain, I was almost up to the overflow pipe. I stopped and removed 5 L of water, which was now sugar water (wort) (I’ll boil this separately to try to recover.) I added all the 9Kg to the mash pipe, and it was higher than the top of the overflow pipe by an inch (3 cm) or so. The grain bed was so thick. I was able to mash, I ran the circulating pump … trying to get the grain to temp, I’m not sure it ever did, the water eventually got to mash temp and I ran a stepped mash profile to extract sugars at various temps. I then raised the malt pipe and mashed out continuing to use the pump, with a longer hose, trying to rinse the grains as much as possible.

I ended up short of target OG by a significant amount. I was shooting for 1.065, and got 1.045!

I’ll jump in here and say that the user manual is boarderline useless, and might not even start a good fire.

Suggestion: make a proper spec sheet, print the volume of the mash pipe in a specifications sheet. I suspect the max is probably around 6 Kg for a proper mash. Holding 9 Kg of dry grain is a useless stat. If I know what to expect I can plan accordingly.

I’d also love wireless connectivity, and would pay for the upgrade. I plan on inspecting the circuitry at some-point as my warranty comes to a close. I suspect I could piggyback the grainfather app with an Arduino / Raspberry Pi controller with effort.

I tried to reload the under utilized grains for batch 2.0 and was met with a stuck (sparge) this is where I’m at now. A unit half filed with sugar water, a bucket with less sugar water concentrate than expected, and an overriding suspicion that everything will be fine. Thank Canada for its Cannabis legislation. (j/k)

First experience is complete, robobrew had its way with me and I plan on reciprocating.

Cheers from the Great White North
Unquenched Taylor Brewing.


I just created an account to comment on this.

I used my robobrew for the first time yesterday and while I didn’t experience your problems I did have the unit die 2 mins from the end of the boil. It just threw an E2 error and shut down. I pulled the bottom off the robobrew today to see what was going on and think i’d be up to the task of adding wifi connectivity.

I have just emailed Keg Land to see what they suggest. I imagine that i’ll be replacing the board in the near future so if i end up with a spare one i’ll get stuck in.