Full volume mash question


Hey guys.

So I’ve de used to try a no sparge full volume mash with my RB. I’m wondering if anyone here does this and how well does it work?

I’m using BeerSmith so my recipie has been converted to full BIAB and the volumes work out. I’m just a little concerned about the malt pipe taking forever to drain when I pull it out, getting a stick drain off etc.

Any tips?


I do 3 gallon brews because it takes too long for me to drink 5 gallons. Most of my friends do not appreciate beer and I like to brew at least once a month. The only problem I have had with the BIAB formula is that I consistently get low OG values, so I add an extra pound of grain to my grain bill. The grains drain completely far before the wort comes a boil…I tilt the malt pipe after a few minutes to reduce the fluid tension and ensure a full drain. I do not know if this tilt method would work with 12-13 lbs of grains, however. I experienced a stuck mash only once. I stopped double milling my grains as a result.



I have done brews with a large grain bill. Some stuck some did not. So am concidering using a large biab bag as a liner. Just lift it up a bit and drain issues be gone. I have built a table with a ratchet/pully hanging off of metal water pipe above the unit to lift the malt tube up and out with ease.




I’m no expert but, my only thought would be the efficiency might no be as high if you sparged.

Give it a crack and let us know how you go!