Power requirements for US version of Brewzilla 3.1.1?


What’s the maximum current required by the US version of Brewzilla 3.1.1.

I’d like to use the unit on a 20amp 220v circuit.

I know that the unit includes a NEMA 6-30R plug and that such a plug is rated for 30amp, but given that maximum wattage required by the heating elements is 2400W, I suspec this may have been chosen for compatibility with typical 220v outlets used for appliances.




The 220V Brewzilla 35L comes with a 30A rated plug, but the wiring in the power cord is only suitable for 15 A and the device requires only 10 A with both heaters turned on. I replaced the provided plug with a NEMA L14-20 twist lock plug and wired the circuit with a 20A 240 V GFCI circuit breaker, and have experienced no problems. The GFCI is highly recommended as the device is not water proof by any stretch of the imagination.


Thanks! One of the circuits I’m thinking about using already has a 20 amp 240v gfci breaker, so your answer is very on point.

Thanks again!