RoboBrew Stand plans


Anyone of any ideas on building your own stand for the roboBrew?


Hi KVO I use a square plastic milk crate turned upside down. The Robobrew sits on it quite nicely.


thank you I will try that . Happy Brewing!!


I use one of those metal shelf units-the one with the crome tube legs with notches where the plastic clips lock in to hold the wire shelf. I put a couple together, one to hold the V3 and the other higher to hold my HLT. They easly hold the weight and the wire shelf lets air get to the bottom vents plus wheels that screw into the legs so the whole unit can be moved. The crome ones i have found are food grade since they use them in restaurants. I just recently ran a piece of wood up the side and high enough to clear the malt pail and put a piece of metal pipe at the top with a pully to lift the pail clear out of the V3 and swing it out of the way. I found most of the stuff at rummage,yard,garage sales.
Good luck and good brewing.


Awesome thanks Steve


I used a Milk create I place 2) 2x6s about 18 inches long on top, I turned the creat over and screwed a thing plywood piece through the milk create into the 2x6s to hold them. It gave the milk create a little more weight and some room around the kettle.