Robobrew temperature


does anyone else have trouble working out the temps, the robobrew display will say 67 the handheld thermo says 58 and the wort coming out of the pump says 70 witch 2 should I ignore.


I’m not sure what you mean by “wort coming out of the pump”, from what I can tell you only have two sensors - the one on the robobrew and the handheld one.

I have found that the one on the robobrew is always inaccurate - it seems to be positioned right next to the element and will always read far hotter than the actual wort temperature. I ignore it and just use my handheld sensor.

Since it’s an electric element at the bottom, the wort at the bottom will always be hotter than at the top. Since you’re measuring from the top with a handheld sensor, to get a better reflection of the temperature I am always running the pump to take the hot wort from the bottom and distribute it to the top, enabling some of the cooler wort to then get heated up (except during the boil where it’s obvious that the temperate is correct due to the bubbling)


Odd that he’d have such a massive range between top and bottom. Mine was about 4 degrees C difference.

I agree though, run the pump heating up, and during mash stages. And up to getting the pot boiling. No need to run it again until chilling.


I assume that the OP just using a thermometer to take separate readings at the top of the mash and from the recirculating wort (i.e., “wort coming out of the pump”).

I’ve only done one on mine so far, but was kind of surprised to note that the measured wort out and the Robobrew internal temp readings were pretty much dead on on mine. In the future, I am going to just stick a corded temp probe into the middle of the mash to monitor things in real time. I have one from my old cooler mash tun days. Can pick one up cheap from Canadian Tire or the equivalent.

That said, the range above is a bit weird. If anything, the temp out of the pump should be lower than that measured by the Robobrew, since the wort should cool off as it moves through the arm. The 58 degree measurement is the weirdest part though. If the temp at the top and bottom is near 70, the only reason I can think of the low internal readings is that it wasn’t stirred well enough/hasn’t had time to come up to temp.


As an aside - on my second brew, the thermostat was f*cked. It was reading 107C when there was just cold water in there at around 20C. I sent it back, still waiting to hear an official diagnosis


Official diagnosis was that the thermostat was faulty. They replaced it and sent the unit back, it’s working correctly now