Sightglass Modification 2.0


Hi all,
I just made another modification or two to my sightglass. On my last brew day i found that having the sg just sticking up along side the RB made me concerned i would bump it and cause a leak. I did end up knocking it a couple of times and having to straighten ot out by turning the valve and ended up with a small drip.
So i got a 3/8 ss eyebolt with a 3/4 opening,washers and nuts. 3/4 will slip onto the shaft once the cap is removed. Drilled a hole so the eyebolt sits just below the cap of the sg. I needed to cut down the bolt to where it cleared the malt pipe on the inside wall. I put a nut all the way tight to the eye. Used tape on the thread and put it through the opening. On the inside i used a silicone gasket,washer and then nut. It sat all night full and no leaks. But i did bust my glass tube but found Morebeer sold replacement tubes i thought i should pass this bit along to the community. Just about no one sells parts for this sightglass so finding Morebeer sold the glass tube was lucky