Small brewsbrews


I am thinking of doing a 12litre batch and not sure if I can, I know grainfather has a short overflow pipe for a small batch but I don’t recon there is 1 for the Robobrew has anyone tried a small batch.If so how did it go.


Hi !

This is exactly what i did yesterday on my brand new V3. 12 litre batch with 3kg of grains.

I mashed in with a little bit less than 12 liters, after mixing the grains and placing the top plate, i pushed the overflow tubing as low as it could get and it was still standing approximately 3cm above the top of the grain bed. Everything still went well so i am assuming it is not an issue.

I thought about it and the only drawback i can imagine is that it will take a larger accumulation of water on top for your grain bed before it reaches the overflow pipe. By carefully adjusting the pump flowrate, it never got higher than 1cm.

Try it and tell us how it went :wink:



Thanks Lucas, I will let you know how it goes.