What are the specs for model 8671 35 Litre



There’s a local ad for a robobrew unit. the seller says it is a v3 with a pump.
He sent me a picture of the packaging (he hasn’t opened it yet i guess) and the box has the model number 8671 on it. I’m wondering if there’s a way to verify the features of this model somehow.
Do you guys publish electronic manuals or spec sheets?


I own a V3 with a pump and it’s literally that - a 30L stainless steel container with a malt pipe, a 500w and 1800w heating element, a temperature controller, a tap and a recirculation pump with a bit of silicon tubing stuck on the end. It came with an instruction manual but no spec sheet


Ok. So if I just purchase that unit, it should be enough to make beer, yes? i’m wondering what’s the best way to test the thing to make sure it works. I’ve never brewed beer and have never seen a robobrew in person. I plan to : a) turn on both heating elements to make sure they turn on… b) ask the owner to add some water to test the pump? But I can’t visualize what the pump looks like so not sure how to test the pump in working . I guess it should be pretty clear when I see the unit assembled…
any other tips on what to check for when buying a used unit would be appreciated.


To test it I would recommend just boiling some water for a while and test your pump out while doing so. I learned a few things on YouTube which was quite helpful for brewing. Good luck!


The pump has a switch on the side that activates it, same as the elements. I recommend downloading the manual from the Robobrew website, it explains how to operate the unit.

Also - the Robobrew by itself isn’t enough to make beer. It just does the first stage - produce wort. You still need a fermenter / airlock to ferment the beer, and bottles or a keg to store it in (plus equipment to put on bottle caps if you’re using bottles etc).

Watch some YouTube videos on people brewing with Robobrews, they explain all the steps. In terms of brewing acronyms, it’s a BIAB (brew in a bag) system


So the seller finally sent me pictures and it doesn’t have a pump after all.
If anyone here is interested in selling a used robobrew with a pump please let me know