What now no heat v3.1


I am so glad that I found this site I was about to brew my second batch in the Robobrew Brewzilla but I could not get the elements ot turn on. I tried factory rest but nothing happened. I live in GTA Ontario. I think if I get parts I could fix it. .ANy help would be great



If you need parts, check out Ontario Beer Kegs (ontariobeerkegs.com). They sell many replacement parts for robobrew/brewzilla including electronic parts including circuit boards, screens, switches. Not sure if this will help you, but check them out.


Hey Bill,
I recall when my board fried in my RB i remember reading a few posts about some owners having their switch going bad and descibing issues like yours. When researching new circuit boards replacement switchs popped up too. When opened it up to replace the board i found that the connections to one of the elements was loose and had been a shorting out and burning the connector and wire. i had to replace some wires . So it may be a bad switch rather that element in your case. Good luck with this.


I have opened it up now to everything tight and no burnt wires thanks


I put my kettle back together and it started working I am brewing a stout today hope it works